• What are the main structures of the laminating machine?

    With the continuous expansion and rapid development of mechanized production, the use and spread of machines have brought a lot of convenience to the hot days, especially in some industrial equipment,

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  • Working method of laminating machine

    Laminating machine, also known as laminating machine, is a mechanical equipment that is often used in industrial occupations. It has many advantages, not only high degree of automation, but also easy

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  • How to extend the service life of the laminating machine

    How to extend the life of the laminating machine:1. There may be problems such as damage to electrical components or wire ends during transportation. Before use, it should be strictly checked to ensur

    2019-08-15 44

  • The correct use of the laminating machine

    The laminating machine is an environmentally-friendly plastic machine. The effect of the paper through the laminating film is stronger than that of the traditional laminating machine, and the applicab

    2019-08-15 120

  • What should you pay attention to when operating the laminating machine safely?

    Laminating machine safety operation precautions1. Set the temperature of the main cylinder and T-die to the standard scale according to the process requirements.2. Check for foreign objects in the hop

    2019-08-15 40

  • Working principle of laminating machine

    The laminating machine is mainly composed of four types of machines, namely the main machine, the mirror roll system, the discharging system and the winding system. Our company's laminating machin

    2019-08-15 44

  • Laminating machine faulty treatment method

    In some cases, because of the improper use of our methods, we often have problems, especially when using the laminating machine, which causes great troubles for the operation. Therefore, we must grasp

    2019-08-15 44

  • Laminating machine die cleaning method

    Some parts of the machine, or some parts, need to be cleaned regularly, so that it will prolong its life, and it can clean the dust regularly, so that it will not malfunction when it is operated. Is o

    2019-08-15 43

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